Our Wines

We currently specialise in the production of Viognier as it is our personal passion !

Viognier is a white wine grape variety known to produce full-bodied white wines of depth and profound flavour. It’s a unique grape variety in that it’s surprisingly aromatic and perfumed despite being a traditionally dry wine. The premier white wine grape of Northern Rhone, France. Viognier wines can be difficult to craft, since there is only a brief window when they can be harvested to acquire the best aromas and flavours. However, the rewards are worth waiting for.

Viognier - We commenced wine production with a barrel fermented Viognier in 2006. Luscious pale straw colour, with complex aroma and flavour of dried apricots, peach skin and honeysuckle.

• Nose: Apricots and peaches with a hint of honeysuckle. The barrel aging has created honey and vanilla notes and wonderful oncosity.

• Palate: Full-bodied with creamy, rich texture, finely balanced acidity and an extremely long finish.

Grande Reserve Viognier

Bottle matured and released after 12 months

Nose: Dried Apricots, Honey, Butterscotch & Vanilla,

Palate: Off dry, smooth, well balanced long finish


• Nose: Lychees, and peaches with a hint of apricots. The barrel aging has created honey and vanilla notes and wonderful oncosity.

• Palate: Good body with finely balanced acidity and long finish.


2022 Decanter Silver and Bronze

2022 Elle a Table Gold Medal

2022 Feminalise Gold Medal

2022 Concours Mondia du Bruxelles Gold Medal

2022 Harpers Top 100 Languedoc Wines

2017 Decanter Silver and Gold

We have been successfully improving the quality year on year and received Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards from Decanter, IWC, Feminalise, Frankfurt International Wine Competition and have had our wines tasted on Saturday Morning Kitchen !

Food Pairing

Our Viogniers are delicious on their own but pair beautifully with fish, poultry and pork but also compliments spicy dishes such as Thai and Indian curries. Perfect choice to accompany the Christmas Turkey!


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