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Each region within France boasts its own distinct style of cooking, flavours and ingredients. The variety of terrain in the Languedoc and its central position between Gascony and Provence, straddling both the olive oil and foie gras areas, combine to give it a certain uniqueness.

For much of its Mediterranean coastline, there are large salt water lagoons that are well adapted to the culture of oysters and mussels, so whether you enjoy delicious fresh fish, seafood, cassoulet, foie gras, or succulent local meat or game, you can find a mouth watering dish to suit every palette.

We are surrounded by a variety of vibrant cafes, bars and open air restaurants, which pepper the coastline or are romantically tucked away in medieval hilltop villages, often playing jazz and live music long into the summer evenings …

We also welcome any exciting “ new discoveries ” that you may come across, so let us know your thoughts on the places you visit….